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اسفل صافلین ایک رومانوی اردو ناول ہے جسے ثناء احسان یوسفزئی نے لکھا ہے کہ ایک غیرمذہبی آدمی کو اسلام کی حقیقت کیسے ملی۔

Asfalus Safileen is a romantic Urdu novel written by Sana Ehsan Yousafzai about how a non-religious man found the truth of Islam.

About Sana Ehsan Usafxai:

Sana Ehsan Usafxai is a very well known Urdu Novelist, She writes many Urdu Afsana and Novels, Readers of Sana Ehsan Usafxai Novels waiting for her new writings very disperatly.

Asfalus Safileen

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