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تمہارے سر کا سائیں کوئی سڑک چھاپ نہیں جع جگہ جگہ منہ مارتا پھرے۔۔ میں وہ بادشاہ ہوں جو اپنی رانی کے سوا کسی کو کنیز کا درجہ دینا بھی پسند نہیں کرتا۔۔ 
There is no road behind your head, but you are wandering from place to place. I am the king who does not like to give the status of concubine to anyone except his queen.

About Wahiba Fatima:

Wahiba Fatima is a very famouse Urdu Novelist and story writer, Many or her novels are very popular among her readers, She writes very remarkable novels and some of hard work is as follow.

Naqsh e Malal

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