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The main characters in this novel include Hassan, his friend Babar, and Najma, who is Babar\'s mother. A saint named Waris Shah and his son Jabir Shah are also integral to the story. Waris Shah holds the role of a revered saint in the village, and his son Jabir Shah has two daughters, Samiya and Ayesha. Another character, Raheel Shah, is also Waris Shah\'s son. Babar is the only male member of the Shah family eligible to become the saint of the area.

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Areej Shah, an exceptional writer, specializes in crafting enchanting Urdu love stories. Her narratives are dedicated to the theme of love, evoking warmth and happiness within readers. Areej Shah\'s novels explore diverse facets of love, delving into the myriad emotions associated with this universal theme. Discover the richness of love through Areej Shah\'s compelling storytelling on the web.

Ishq E Haqeeqi

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